Emerald City Cakes & Gifts Has a New Address – Launching Today

After having made waves at a number of food festivals and comic cons across the UK, it’s time we had our own address on the web world. And here we are. The team at Emerald City Cakes and Gifts is delighted to see the launch of our website today.

Our Product Range

At Emerald City Cakes and Gifts, we have a wide range of cakes for you to choose from. Whether you want a cupcake, cake pops, gingerbread or the full size cake, we will create a bespoke cake for all occasions. From weddings and anniversaries to baby showers and birthdays, we are waiting to unleash our creativity for your special occasion.

We also have a quirky range of personalised gifts. Gift one of these along with our cakes or go solo. Either way, the recipient is sure to feel delighted once they see what’s in the package.

Why a Website

Over the last four years, we’ve made a name for ourselves with our unique creations. Be it personalised gifts or our creative cakes, we’ve surprised our customers all the way. We have successfully created a following of regular customers who visit us at the various exhibitions, food festivals and comic cons.

But why a website, when everything is going right?

The website was always a part of the plan. Whether you are our regular customer or know about Emerald City Cakes and Gifts through a friend, we want to make sure we are easy to find. And what better place than the Internet!

As more and more people take up to Internet surfing on their mobile phones, we know that having a website is only going to complement the Emerald City experience. After all, we are here to delight you in every way we can.

Our Website

So here we are with a fully responsive, mobile friendly website, beautifully designed by the very capable team at Blue Whale Media. The website is modern, fresh yet clean and crisp. The website has been designed from the perspective of our visitors, keeping in mind what they are looking for.

Consequently, finding information you’re looking for easy with the easy navigation structure. Whether you want to order a cake of your choice or a personalised gift, you can now order it all from our website. You don’t have to wait to visit us at one of the festivals or conventions.

Place an order right from our website, and we will have your delightful product delivered to you in no time.

Contact us on 07850 267 234 for more information or any feedback.

Emerald City Cakes